college party themes

My College Partying Blog

Oddly enough, I have been assigned the task of blogging my last few months at college. This includes all the partying that I’ve done at my frat along with just any story or pictures that can come up to my head. Thankfully, I was tasked only with creating a few pages and one of our brothers will create the other college party posts.

In general, this was meant to be a post for our upcoming pledges to look back on and see what the frat was like behind the scenes. Boy, hopefully we’ll get some help though.

college party themes

This blog will be covering everything partying for our frat. This will include:

  • College Partying Pictures
  • College Party Themes
  • Dorm Stories
  • And anything else that we can come up with

It should be something funny and I hope my fellow pledges will be along for the ride when they check out the frat after this! This is the next black book for college partying at our university!

Keep that in mind and make sure you don’t talk or tell anyone else. Like Richard said, you don’t want to break our inter-frat ways. Hopefully it will only get better as each pledge class is welcomed into our frat. It may be hard to top the next one, but I know you all will be able to become the next best partying class!