beer pong

College Party Games: Beer Pong

Our Frat is known to have some of the best party games, so to you pledges; don’t mess it up! We have a blast here and everyone usually has a great time.

beer pong

In particular, we have been known as the beer bong champs during our frat party. It may sound a little dumb, but its impressive. For you youngsters who have never played beer bong. Its actually really simple.

College Party Games: Beer Pong

Its really not that hard to play and more often than not, its a blast!

Make sure you have enough room though. And without anymore waiting, here is a quick beer pong guide:

  1. Get some red solo cups
  2. Make a triangle out of the cups, 5 at the base
  3. Fill all the cups up with water up to the second line
  4. Start Playing

Each team will have two shots to try to get it into any of the red solo cups. If the pong ball makes it into a cup, you must remove the cup out of the triangle. This will continue switching back and forth until one team gets eliminated due to running out of cups.

You can also add some custom rules like:

  • Freshman cup
  • If they get it in the center, they have to drop their pants

  • Dead Cup
  • If the other team forgets to pull a cup, the other team can score on it and become the winner automatically.

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