Why Party Schools are the best

Okay, lets be real here. Party schools are simply the best. What else is there to do on the weekends?

Personally, my frat comes from a super boring small town. Well… Its not super small but there isn’t anything to do within 45 minutes of it! You are left with one thing.. College Partying.


To Party or To not Party: That is the question

In all honesty, I think everyone should atleast give partying a try. Its not that bad, you’re young…You only get one chance to enjoy it, so might as well give it a try! Some people will go their whole college career without even stepping foot into a party.. Enjoy it while you have it!

Yes, you may be drinking and it may get wild but when else will you be able to experience this? You won’t be able attend wild parties when your 45.. Plus you’ll have stories and memories that will stick with you for a lifetime.

At the same time though, I fully understand why people don’t want to party. Its not the best for you (health wise) and some people simply just aren’t into it. You could say these people are more reserved. Even though these people are reserved, I still think they should give the classic college partying culture a try before they bash it.

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