college party themes

College Party Themes: Top 10 Themes You Should Use

Man, I wish I could of thrown some of these college party themes for our frat. I simply just never got around to it along with I never got to experience how awesome these actually can be.

I challenge our future frat to throw these college party themes while they are still in college. We have cleared the stage for you, you just need to follow in our footsteps.

college party themes

Before I get too far, keep in mind that you are in a four year party that we all have come to know as college. You could go as far as to call college a gift. A gift of something that you won’t be able to use the rest of your life. Heck, lets be real… You can’t handle college for your whole life either. Now is the time! You need to take advantage of these drug filled nights and throw some of these party themes while you can! With your brothers!

Why Should We Throw The Party?

I’m sure thats your question.. Why should we mess up our house throwing a party? Well.. Don’t you want to be known for something? With all the women it will bring it along with all your brotheren’s good looks, charm and more.. You guys will definitely be able to pull at your party.

YOU NEED TO THROW WILD COLLEGE THEMED PARTYS! Don’t puss out. If you can’t think of any, just look over at this website of awesome College Party Themes. You need to get that creative side out and be proud to be FRAT!

If you end up running short of stuff and need party supplies, check out over here.

Without further adu, here is a list of Top 10 party themes that I wish we threw.

    1. ABC Party Theme (Anything But Clothes)

Don’t get me started with this party theme. You could say this is one of the most sexy and eye appealing party themes known to existence. If you guys only get one chance to throw a party, please throw this one! Everyone will be showing up with skimpy clothes that’ll barely cover anything. If a brother is missing something, toss him a bag and that’ll be a perfect costume.

    1. 90s Party: Throwback Party Theme

Okay, this party theme is slowly becoming obsolete and it needs to be thrown NOW! Its a throwback from the past. People can show up as characters from their favorite shows and more. You gotta be creative with this one.

    1. High School Steryotypes Party Theme

If you feel like going back to high school, this one is for you. Simply put, everyone will be dressing like the type of group they were in high school. If you were a star athlete, throw on that letter jacket! If you were on the cheer leading squad, put on that outfit! It’ll be funny seeing everyone dressed up like they used to be at this party theme. And if you want to change it up, go with what you wished you would of been. One of my true favorite party themes.

    1. Ivy League Party Theme

Time to show those ivy league schools that you know how to party! You will all be dressing up super snobby and act like you will be rolling in all the money.

    1. Harry Potter Party Theme

This may sound like a dumb party theme but I’ve had friends who pulled it off. Its one of the most interesting college party themes according to them though. Everyone will dress up in the characters they wish they were in Harry Potter. Along with that, girls will dress in almost a slutty Harmione or at least the sluttiest it can get.

    1. Lucky Freshman Party Theme

This theme is fairly simple. You are going to have one freshman be the man of the night! You could just have one or a few. Its best to just grab a random one off the street and show him the best night possible! It may sound weird, but life is all about giving..Right? Haha make a freshman’s day

    1. Beach Party Theme: Swimsuit Time

This one will require a ton of effort but its possible. At this college party theme, you need to cover the backyard with sand. It may seem like a lot but it will create the coolest beach party theme atmosphere even when you may not be even near a beach! Try it before you bash it.

    1. Toga Party Theme: Classic

Easily one of the most classic party themes ever introduced! I love it and I’m sure all the guests will be. Since your frat has been dry, we haven’t had the chance to throw one; but I have had the chance to attend one. They are a blast and seeing everyone trying to keep that sheet up is just hilarious!

    1. Seven Deadly Sins

Some claim this to be the sexiest party at college, but I have to disagree. Well.. Atleast at the party I was at, it just sucked. Its still a good time and if you set up the atmosphere right.. it can be a amazing college party! I’m just undecided about this.

    1. Rubics cude party theme

Yeah, it sounds a little dumb but its really fun! You basically will trade clothes with people. Everyone shows up wearing one color and they will pass off pieces of their clothes to other people. The goal is to become colorful! Color is key.

Thats it! My top 10 college party themes list that I wish we would of thrown! If you need any more ideas, check out that link I posted above!