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College Drinking Games

Have you ever had trouble finding some good college drinking games? I know we have over at my frat and I’m here to help you! We ended up searching far and wide to find some good games and thankfully, I think we found a few you should try! For a more detailed description, head over to this site for some good drinking games for college! In the mean time, we’ll just list off a few of our favorites so far. ┬áNote: These are un-ordered so don’t give me too much crap boys!

    • Three Man Drinking game

This one is without a doubt a classic card game that I think any frat brothers need to try! We spend too many hours playing this game and sometimes we can’t get enough of it! Its simple though, just grab a extra deck of cards and you can start this game right up!

    • Beer Pong

Okay, this is a classic game. Like, I won’t even go into detail as most of you already know.. or at least most of you should know how to play this already. My number one pick has to be this college drinking game though.

    • Speed Bump Drinking Game

This college drinking game is a little new, but boy does it really start you night and keeps it going! I highly suggest this if you’re looking to get your night started. Lets just say you will be taking too many shots before you know it.. .and if you’re lucky enough to get through this drinking game without having to take too many drinks..just take a shot to catch up!

    • Edward 40 Hands

Some say this is a college party theme, others simply call it a drinking game.. but I highly suggest this as it is definitely one to remember. Simply put, you will be duck taking some 40oz beers to your hands and expected to finish them. Simple, fast, drunk. Just like any frat star would do.

I’d also head over to Dorm High if you need any other college drinking games or tips.. We’ve been using them for a while so far.

Sorry about not posting in a while, I’ll get some new posts out for my boys soon enough!